I guess you want to know who’s behind all of this. Well. My name is Maria and I currently live in London -I’m not from here originally, but it’s where I ended up (for now).

Barbados May15
I like boats. 

I manage to combine an outstanding capacity for random facts with a boundless ability to fail at the easiest tasks in life. I once managed to take the wrong train on a single-track route. Orientation in general is not my strong suit, but I am a great Trivia Partner.

I travel a lot, and I always make sure to visit three locations: Markets, train stations, and book shops. Those three things will tell you a lot about a city or a country. (Plus, books make for awesome travel souvenirs)

Generally speaking, I’m always looking forward to breakfast and coffee. Even after having had my coffee and breakfast, I’m looking forward to the next day’s coffee and breakfast.

Other things that make my life great? Dogs, that hand flex in Pride and Prejudice (2005), sour candy, saying ‘Fuck’ in all possible life situations, seeing people’s genuine and passionate opinions about topics I know nothing about.

Pictured above: Me. 


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