Three intentions for 2019

Happy New Year, everybody!

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I must admit I dropped the ball a bit before Christmas – but between all the Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, and Christmas travelling I simply did not have the time to write. (Rest assured, I never stopped reading.)

So to start the new year off, I thought about my reading habits and how I want to change them. Please note that I do not say “improve them” – I am of the firm opinion that whatever reading you are doing, it’s good.

There’s this weird ‘guilty pleasure’ feeling when it comes to reading, and if you are suffering from it, I hereby order you to stop thinking that what you are reading isn’t good enough.

Only read fantasy romance novels? Right on. Only read the classics? Good for you. Only read Japanese poetry? Have fun.

Whatever you read, as long as you read, it’s good. Reading is here for your enjoyment, not to tick off lists or stand up to another person’s scrutiny. Whatever floats your boat!

So. After having this out of the way, here’s some things I want to be mindful about in 2019.

  1. I want to read outside my comfort zone.

You might have noticed. My comfort zone when it comes to books is actually really small. It is so small that I buy 90% of my books from two shelves in my book store.

Which is great, because it allows me to go into certain topics in depth and explore them fully. It’s also a bit of a loss because I miss out on so much other stuff!

That’s why I want to read more fiction this year. I haven’t found my comfort zone in fiction yet – I mostly stay close to the classics, or what was recommended to me – but I want to stray a bit and see what else is out there.

2. I want to read more books by women.

One thing this blog has made me realize is how few books by women I read. Last year, it was five. FIVE. That’s simply not good enough.

The books we read shape the world we see, after all.

So, more women writers it is!

(If you have some recommendations, please drop me a line.)

3. I want to read more books from charity shops.

This is a bit of an odd one, I admit, and I’m already buying a lot of books from charity shops, but this year, I want to step it up.

For one, it’s the good thing to do – I give some money to charity and I get to re-home books.

But it’s also a great way to come across weird books. Books I’d normally never find in a traditional book store.

(Plus, it’ll save me some money.)

So here we go. May 2019 be a good year for all of us!

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