What is this?

This is a blog about the books I read. Nothing more, nothing less. 


I’m Maria and I like to read. A lot. I try to read about a hundred books a year. Most of them are non-fiction, and probably not what you would read, so I really appreciate you turning up for this.


The best explanation I ever found was, naturally, in a book, specifically David Rose’s ‘Empty Shell Casings’:

I read. Shit, books are just mnemonic devices anyway. I never read to fulfill a need to look or even be intellectual. I really don’t even read to entertain myself. I read to answer questions, period. Think about it; learn all that you want to know. Books are created by man and read by man, an intellectual cannibalism that feeds on one another. I read to find answers, I live to find answers.”



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There is only one correct way to organize your bookshelf.






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