Persuasion – J. Austen

Folks, yours truly was a weird kid. Somewhere around the tender age of 12, having deemed the education I received at the local catholic school unsufficient for my needs, I decided to educate myself. I started, quite naturally, with a book called ‘Education – everything one needs to know’. (It is quite a good book, […]

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Emma – J. Austen

Folks, have you ever thought about things you did, and thought to yourself ‘Wow, I’ve been an idiot.’ And I don’t mean this in the ‘I was today years old when I realized that Ajax was a Greek soldier famous for his strength, so the dish soap’s slogan ‘Ajax – stronger than Grease’ is just […]

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Freedom – J. Walvin

Hey folks, we’re not done with the whole slavery thing. Because after I read The Half Has Never Been Told (which, just to repeat myself, you should definitively read), I realized that … well, in all that I thought I knew about world history, there was something missing. If slavery was mentioned at all, it […]

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John F. Kennedy – R. Dallek

Folks, after last week’s fun, I figured I might as well stay in the general vicinity of time and stick around for a while. Then I found Dallek’s JFK biography, and the rest is history, as they say. The bad news first – I didn’t really learn anything new. Quick. What’s the first things that […]

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