The Trial – F. Kafka

“It’s only because of their stupidity that they’re able to be so sure of themselves.”  The Trial gets 2 out of 3 “Good Intentions for 2019” points – it was bought in a charity shop, it is not something I’d normally read (more on that later), but it’s not written by a woman. Instead, it […]

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The Korean War – M. Hastings

“God too, has sinned, that’s what I used to think. He looked down on this blazing hell, and he remained silent.”― Hwang Sok-yong After I made such a good start on my new years resolutions, I am back on my bullshit. This week, we’ll discuss – and you’ll never guess this – a war! In my […]

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Frankenstein – M. Shelley

“Am I thought to be the only criminal, when all of humanity has sinned against me?” So this week I’m making good on last week’s New Year Resolutions – though the new year already feels remarkably old, doesn’t it? But this week’s book was purchased in a charity shop (side note – it is a […]

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Three intentions for 2019

Happy New Year, everybody! I must admit I dropped the ball a bit before Christmas – but between all the Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, and Christmas travelling I simply did not have the time to write. (Rest assured, I never stopped reading.) So to start the new year off, I thought about my reading habits […]

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