Freedom – J. Walvin

Hey folks, we’re not done with the whole slavery thing. Because after I read The Half Has Never Been Told (which, just to repeat myself, you should definitively read), I realized that … well, in all that I thought I knew about world history, there was something missing. If slavery was mentioned at all, it […]

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John F. Kennedy – R. Dallek

Folks, after last week’s fun, I figured I might as well stay in the general vicinity of time and stick around for a while. Then I found Dallek’s JFK biography, and the rest is history, as they say. The bad news first – I didn’t really learn anything new. Quick. What’s the first things that […]

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One Minute to Midnight – M. Dobbs

Folks, I’m jumping around 20th century American history right now, and I’m not sure whether to go chronologically or to keep giving in to the temptation of being dragged into whatever corner that catches my eye. This time around, it was the Cuban Missile Crisis. So we talked about Robert Kennedy before (don’t worry, I […]

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